Allotment Adventures: Autumn Raspberries and buying seeds

The weather last weekend was grey and miserable, it wasn’t properly cold but felt cold because it was so grey. The herb patch is looking green but straggly (you can see how warm it’s been because the lemon verbena is still hanging on!)We didn’t have huge plans for work on the plot, I was thinking about making a start on removing the raspberries but I’m still not really 100% fit so instead we thought we’d go and have a look, harvest some stuff and see how everything was looking. But on Friday, one of the other plot holders asked on Facebook if anyone wanted some autumn raspberries as she was changing the layout of her plot. Free autumn raspberries! We said yes and picked them up on Saturday and planted them in a bed. We’ll add some more compost and mulch them later.

We harvested leeks, kale and chard.Ma took the netting off the garlic and nearly brained herself tripping over the bed, which is another reason to take the raspberries up!

The broad beans are popping up too.So it’s all good but by the end of February I want to do the following

  • tidy up a couple of beds, top up with compost and cover
  • dig up the summer raspberries
  • plant some summer raspberries in new home
  • weed and tidy herb plot
  • create new beds where the raspberries were
  • sow leeks, kale and sweet peas
  • buy seed potatoes and order additional seed

We also did the first seed buying of the year, we have loads of seeds already and last week went through and sorted out what we have and what we need. We have no need to buy courgette or tomato seeds but needed winter squash (butternuts and uchiki kuri) extra sweetcorn, carrots, beetroot and sweetpeas. I wanted to grow gerkins and try fennel of florence so they will be new for 2019! They didn’t have all the seed potatoes in yet so we can wait. Ma and I talked about more potatoes this year but decided to stick with the wilko ones. We are going for pink fir apple, nicola, anya. The packets come in 3 or five so we’ll grow four bags of nicola, one pink fir apple and two anya. I also want to grow kestral or swift but we’ll see how we go with space!We also need to do a tiny real seed order for boothby’s blonde cucumbers (Ma’s favourite!), some other winter squash (I want to grow candy roaster this year and we need a mini squash for the three sisters bed), I also want to try walking onions this year but I haven’t told Ma that yet!



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3 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Autumn Raspberries and buying seeds

  1. Valonia says:

    I was admiring the rainbow carrots on the supermarket shelf this morning and quite fancy giving them a go too!

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