Allotment Adventures: Discouraged

I’m feeling discouraged mostly because of the sodding aphids. I had to pull up some kale plants because they were infested, bloody infested with cabbage aphids. Then I went to pick some chard to find that the bloody ants have been at it with the blackfly. On the chard FFS! I hate them.

Hopefully, we have it contained but that combined with the end of the summer garden left me feeling a bit flat.

Still some things got done, I cleared the three sisters bed, Ma cut down the aramanth, I started pruning back the raspberries. Next week, we don’t have much time on the plot and the week after that is the pumpkin walk. It feel like October is rushing by and I haven’t got much done.

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day, so it’s probably a good time to acknowledge how beneficial the plot has been for my mental health. It has given me exercise, a new community of people and all of that has been great. It’s also made me much more aware of how miserable and tired I get at this time of year. Which is why I’m feeling so discombobulated right now. The foxes are digging up all the paths and the aphids and all I can see is what I haven’t done, can’t do or don’t have time for.

It’ll be fine because it’s not terrible, the plot is in pretty good shape, there is always work to do and my mood will improve in about 6 months!

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