Monthly Goals – September/October 2018

This post is later than I intended, we are 11 days into October and I feel that all I have been doing is playing catch up but the time is now, so let’s talk about how September went and how I’m planning to deal with October.

September was great, my holiday was just what I needed, although as they often are, far too short but I feel better for the break and it was just in time to give me enough mental energy to gear up for autumn. It’s really hard to remember what else I did in September, it was a pretty quiet month. Here’s how I did with my specific goals.

Bedtime, Wake up time and Golden HourThe goal was to really knuckle down and into a sleep and wake up routine. Having a 10pm bedtime and getting up at 6am or within that time on the weekend. Honestly, apart from when I was on holiday, I’ve rocked this. I switched on the wake up lamp and have done really well. I don’t much enjoy it but there is a feeling of satisfaction when I do it because I don’t like it but I am prioritising this because it is important, it’s like taking a yucky medicine.


Walk to and from the station every work day. 30 min lunchtime walk when I’m in the office. The walk to and from the station has been easy, because I have to get to the station so I walk, but the lunchtime one was trickier to make myself do, I would say that I did it 50% of the month and I’ve done it every day I’ve been in the office since I came back from holiday.


I’ll like to do something everyday while I’m on holiday (and maybe get Ma to do with me as she’s given up Pilates) and at least three times a week during the month. I failed to do any yoga while away and only managed this 3 times in the whole month.


Squats (20), sit ups (10), press ups (10). It’s pathetically little but I want to hit it every other day. I managed this every day before my holiday and not at all after.


HouseworkA weekly clean of the kitchen, hall and bathroom (including hoovering and mopping). Ironing, nothing that needs ironing hanging around more than a day. It was going so well but then I came back from holiday and the house was overwhelmed with tomatoes and squash and I was overwhelmed. I got it back into shape last week but as a goal it works

ProjectsDefrost the freezer/clear out the fridge. Clean the oven. No I did not do these things, I really need to do them.

Book de-clutter

I’m going to Barter Books so time to get rid of my excess books, so I can trade them in for more books. Of course this is the one that I did, I got £18 for the old books and brought 4 ‘new’ ones back and paid for Ma’s ‘Life of Samuel Johnson’ with my profits.


We didn’t do much with this list in September.

New things

  • Make a patio next to the shed
  • Buy sand,
  • Buy pavers
  • Level ground
  • Path next to shed
  • Woodchip
  • Borders
  • Pavers


  • Paint the shed
  • Plant autumn bulbs
  • Sow
  • pak choi
  • mustard
  • land cress
  • black radish
  • parsley
  • Get the lavender into the ground or bigger terracotta pots. Almost done, two more plants to rehome
  • Sort out the canes and get rid of the weak broken ones
  • Manure the rhubarb
  • Manure and cover the beds we aren’t going to use over winter


Meal Planning and Food budget & Birthday/Christmas prep

I just wanted to get myself a bit more organised. With both of these things, and I think I am. I need to plan a bit more to handle the birthday/Christmas onslaught but I’m getting there.

My plans for October month are all the things I didn’t get done it September. Keeping simple here…


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  1. Nicculent says:

    all the best for your goals nic!

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