Allotment Adventures: Autumn Approaches

The last time I went on holiday, was before I had the plot. In fact, the call to say there was a plot available came on the last day we were in Amble, we came home on Saturday and by Sunday I had a plot. All this to say that I haven’t been away and left the plot to itself for a week.

It survived but it feels autumnal, the plot is looking forlorn and we are in the last week of September. The crookneck is dead and some of the tomatoes had snapped in the wind. It was raining and miserable in the morning, we ventured out when it stopped and picked and did emergency weeding.

So tomatoes, squash, winter squash, kale, lettuce, chard, borlotti beans, some carrots, some cucamelons, coriander and all the fallen tomatoes came home with us and my kitchen is home to ripening tomatoesThere’s a lot of tidying to do and the weather is all over the place, Sunday night was really cold but it’s been warmer since, even so I think it’s time to clear the tomatoes and courgettes but I’d decide weather that’s to do this weekend at the weekend!

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