Allotment Adventures: Bulbs

We headed to the allotment on Friday to collect feed and work.

We had so much, we took a bunch of stuff to Sarah and Justin and a lot has come up with us to Northumberland.

Then we finally got the bulbs in and I planted some of the tiny lavender plants. The bulbs were crocuses, tulips (queen of the night) and snakes head fritillaries. All around the shed.I am trying to make sure we have more flowers on the plot. And next up will be finding space to plant snowdrops and daffodils. I have two more lavender plants looking for a home but my plan is that they’re go into terracotta pots. The front of the allotment is looking very different nowadays but the californian poppies are making a comeback

We nearly at the point where beds need to be cleared but for the moment are hanging on to let the fruit ripen a bit more.

Next month we’ll be planting shallots, garlic and broad beans and closing up some of the beds. We’ll have lots of kale to feed us through the winter though!

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