Friday Links

Happy Friday! I hope that you’ve had a lovely week, for the first time ever, I’m not looking forward to the weekend because it means that it’s time to head back to London. On the one hand it’ll be lovely to be back in my lovely flat, it’ll be sad to leave, despite the gales of Storm Ali.

Here are this week’s links…

She reported her raped and the town turned on her.

The undersea and the ecstasy: MDMA leaves octopuses loved up. This is fascinating but the idea of loved up octopuses make me ridiculously happy..

The EU couldn’t help May at Salzburg because she’s seeking the impossible

Ultimately the EU cannot give May what she really needs, which is a Brexit model that will simultaneously satisfy the whole Tory party and win support from a majority in the Commons, without inflicting harm on the country. They cannot give her that because it doesn’t exist, never did, never will

Whoops – there go the railways, says Westminster’s answer to Mr Bean

London only has one home on sale for £100,000 or less.


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