Recommendation: Nightdress

In recent years, I have embraced sleepwear, I refused to wear clothes in bed until my 30’s and now I am a firm wearer of pyjamas. I generally find it difficult to get night ‘jamas though.

I don’t want teddy bears or floral prints on my normal clothes and as I use my ‘jamas as lounge wear (when I was recovering from the osteotomy, and mostly housebound, I just had a new pair of ‘jamas very day and the laundry was very easy) I’m fussy about what passes muster, so I spend lots of time wondering around shops muttering about how I don’t want anything frilly to sleep in! However, you may have noticed that it’s been hot around these parts and ‘jamas are too hot to be sleeping in.

Enter my new favourite nightie!

It’s not appearing on the website right now but it’s perfect, relatively plain soft washes well and lightweight and cool. It was £12.50 from Marks and Spencer and I’ve been known to wash it in the morning on a quick wash so it’ll be ready to wear when I get home, because I do wear it as lounge wear too!

Slightly more patterned but also very comfy is this one, which I also own!

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