Monday Miscellany

Sunday morning looked like this.

It made me very, very happy! This and the predicted temps for this week not going above 30 degrees mean that I won’t be watering every day and/or feeling guilty for the days that I don’t water!

It’s been quite a productive weekend, I’ve bought a dress that I intend to wear to Christina’s wedding, footwear is (as always an issue!) can I wear converse to a wedding? Maybe I need to ask the bride and groom, although honestly I really need to get myself together as I am making cake for the wedding. Fortunately, they aren’t having a ‘wedding cake’ but big plies of cake, which is fab because we all know I suck at cake decoration! It will look more like this, which is the original cake pile that Tina asked me to bake for her, this is from 2006 and I did it again in 2009. Christina clearly remembers it and thus, I’m making cake for her wedding to the lovely Fred (Christina is also lovely and it is a measure of my love for her that I’m going to spend the August bank holiday baking said cake!). Now I have a dress to wear to the wedding too…

It’s ridiculously early but Ma and I went blackberrying this weekend and collected over two kilos of blackberries. There has been jam made and gin started.

Actually, all round it’s been a busy weekend but it hasn’t felt busy. I had a haircut, picked fruit, read a book, bought some more gin (I know it’s a sickness!), started blackberry and plum gin, spent some time on the allotment, made jam, and ate a lot of courgettes. Ma and I also spent some time talking about our various home improvement plans. It’s been good.

This week is all about crossing things off the list so I can go on holiday next week and enjoy my birthday week. I also need to prep my flat for the invasion of Joe, who is delightful but inclined to wrecking his aunty’s flat though good at feeding sheep!


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3 Responses to Monday Miscellany

  1. Sharon says:

    You can’t go wrong with white converse and a posh frock!

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