Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s been a week, I’m struggling with a complete lack of common sense in anyone else, my feet being bitten by bugs and unrelated to the bites, one of my toenails falling off. I’m kicking off Friday with a five hour meeting. The end of this week cannot come soon enough…

Here are this week’s links….

How gin lost it’s mind. 

It’s Resignation Time. Quite

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and America’s “geopolitical suicide”

Republicans have decided to follow Trump off a cliff of treachery. Harsh

Trump now claims he was ‘very strong’ with Putin on election meddling. He’s the only person who believes that….

Jewish nation state: Israel approves controversial bill. Israel claims to be the beacon of western civilization in the Middle East. It lies, why not also make Israeli Arabs where gold stars…

First memories. I’m fairly certain that my first memory is real because I must be about 3 or 4. It’s running with my brother from our bedroom through the living room in the flat in Lewis Trust. I have to be 4-ish because Ben is with me so we must have both been able to get out of bed, so he must have been about 2. And I don’t remember much at all about that flat, we moved out when I was four and I don’t remember any of the good stuff, like the murals that Dad painted and I had to check that the flat did have bedrooms at opposite ends of the flat. The other memory I have of that flat is of going from it to next door and Dad making me put a hat on, which was ridiculous and why he insisted in that being silly way you sometimes do for small children.

Foo Fighters are classic rock now. And I feel very old…

The trouble with ordering whisky as a woman. Not a problem I’ve ever had.

Threaded Spaghetti Hot Dogs Were The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made. I wish I’d thought of this when Tabitha was little, pasta, hot dogs and cherry tomatoes were all she really ate!

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