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Happy Friday! It’s been a week, I went into the World cup quarter finals with four teams and came out of the semis with no teams. The most heart breaking being the match on Wednesday, but they are a young team and that really showed again Croatia. I will be cheering for France on Sunday and given that tomorrow is Bastille day, I’m taking that as a good omen for Les Bleus for the final!

This week has been light on posting and I’m hoping that this weeks links will made up for it, the news this morning was all about Donald Trump’s visit to the UK. If Theresa May wants to unite the country, she needs to tell that orange faced buffoon to do one! Seriously though, if was terrible for Obama to weigh in on Brexit before the referendum, it’s terrible for Trump to do the same thing now.  Also it’s just bloody rude.

Here are this week’s links…

Power, not Brexit, is behind Boris Johnson’s decision to quit

Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain – I never liked him and he has stupid hair but Jenni Russell, God bless her, has summed him up perfectly!

Boris Johnson, a politician whose ambition and superficial charm far outstrip his ability, judgment or principles, is destabilizing the British government and threatening the country’s future.

A no-deal Brexit survival guide: what food to stockpile. I think I’ll be working extra hard on preserving, growing and seed saving over the next couple of years and I really need that other half plot!

‘There used to be a bus every hour. Now we hardly leave the house’

It’s not only Londoners who rely on buses and trains. Yes it’s true and I’m keen that spending on infrastructure isn’t just done in London. Ma and I get the bus from Amble to Newcastle when we’re on holiday but it costs me £6.60 return. There are two of them the X18 and the X20 and you can’t just turn up and hope for a bus like I do in London, they go every half hour Monday to Friday (I think), and on the weekends the X20 doesn’t run at all. So yes we do have a problem. There needs to be a structured long term plan for re-balancing the economy and the population of the country, this isn’t helping London either. The other thing though, while London’s transport infrastructure is better than in the rest of the country, it’s still pretty broken.

How philanthropy breathed new life into a forgotten Salford suburb

It’s time for Britain’s millionaire pensioners to pay up. I agree that it’s a problem but I don’t agree with the solution…

Is it OK to share an ice-cream with your dog? No it’s never ok, neither is letting them lick your face. I get it, dogs are lovely and they are part of the family but they are still dogs…

Brett Kavanaugh Was a Mistake. One thing I do know is that Democrats have to fight this as much as they can, and I’m glad we don’t appoint judges like this.

Courgette fritters and summer squash recipes. The glut has started…

Tamal Ray’s recipe for raspberry and lime bars. I really want to try this.

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3 Responses to Friday Links

  1. Sharon says:

    Billy has his own ice-cream – he won’t share!

  2. Nicculent says:

    I love how you’re so aware of what’s going on in the world.It inspires me to do the same.Love this update!

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