Monday Miscellany

Last week was as predicted, interesting. I don’t like not being competent and I spent Thursday and Friday reminding myself that I’m not expected to know everything on my first two days. The commute has been fine but I need to be up earlier so I can get a desk, this is the first time in 25 plus years of working that I’ve worked in a hot desk environment. I also had a migraine on Sunday morning, which was not fun, I’m blaming heat, stress and not being good about my diet this weekend. Plus side, it was on a weekend and short. When you have migraines, this is a good thing. So it was horrible but it was a good migraine as migraines go.

Of course after the migraine I had to shop and go to the plot and thankfully, Ma had a car this weekend so it was pretty easy but the plot part had to be cut short because it was too hot. Watering got done and there hasn’t been too much slug damage, so all good, but it appears that this year is going to be a year that I am tasty to bitey things, it goes in cycles, some years I get bitten a lot and sometimes not at all.My basic plan for this week is work, rest and prep for Junipalooza next Saturday. What are you guys doing this week?


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