Allotment Adventures: Too hot, too sick

I wish I could say that I did a lot of work on the plot over the last week, but it would be a lie.

I had a migraine on Sunday and although it was short and I was up and doing things in the afternoon, I wasn’t up to much.Because Ma had a car this weekend, we bought more compost. Which I did manage to wheelbarrow to the plot.  We earthed up the potatoes, watered everything, picked our first strawberries (all 6 of them), picked broad beans, spinach and salad and then had to home because I was not feeling well and it was really hot.

The nice thing about being weeding obsessed is that we can have a quiet weekend sometimes, it’s still in good shape. Yes my squash is behind, my cucamelons were eaten by slugs, I only have one cucumber plant alive and all my tomatoes are a bit weedy. But the sweetcorn came up, the squash are alive, the peas are flowering and there are pods, the raspberries are going mental and the salad and beetroot beds are looking fabulous. Also the californian poppies are everywhere, which I will show you next week when I’m on the plot and don’t feel ill.

The work list is pretty simple.

  • Sow more radishes and carrots
  • Find something to put in the circle beds at the top of the plot (the cornflowers and afgan poppies failed!) and I’m thinking maybe a french and runner bean tepee.
  • More compost on the big squash bed and one of the tomato beds.
  • sow kale and chard (which I’m still behind on!)
  • sow more coriander and parsley

That’s all I can think of for now. How are your gardens doing?

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4 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Too hot, too sick

  1. Valonia says:

    Hope you’re feeling better now. I’ve been out of action for a few days with a migraine too – family visited to help with the allotment, but I had to leave them all to it!

    • nicdempsey says:

      I am thanks and hope you are too! I was beginning to think I had a handle on them and then this hit, but it was over in about 4 hours which is much better than it has been. Going on for days like yours did is horrible, I hate when they hit like that!

      • Valonia says:

        I’m glad yours didn’t last too long. It’s awful when they take hold, so a 4 hour migraine is wonderful (in migraine terms!). Mine are related to hormones so at least I know when to expect them and have time to prepare.

      • nicdempsey says:

        It’s funny isn’t it the ‘good migraine’? Mine are an extreme form of PMT! My doctor and I have been working on the idea of little triggers adding up. So pmt plus alcohol plus lack of sleep could equal migraine. Last week I think pmt+lack of sleep+heat. It helps me manage my behaviour because the question is ‘is this a little trigger?

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