Monday Miscellany (on Tuesday)

I feel I should congratulate Ireland, well done on the referendum result! This is a vote for compassion and for allowing women to make the choices that are right for them. Now for Northern Ireland.

The week after a bank holiday is always a bit strange because you’re trying to cram five days work into four. My week this week is going to be even stranger, I’m going to spend two days trying someone in my current role and then two days in an altogether new job being trained. The move from competence to incompetence will be very stark for me this week.

One day every weekend, looks like this. Fred the dog refusing to give the ball back. Usually because he’s stubborn and very attached to his ball but the last couple of weekends because he’s been to hot to chase the ball. He is very good dog. When I get to Sarah’s he gets very excited because it means a long walk for him but he also knows I don’t like him jumping on me. So he starts to jump, remembers and turns while in mid air. I find it very amusing!

It’s also been really good to have a time every week to exercise and see Sarah, it’s been lovely to spend concentrated time with her, I don’t think we’ve seen each other this often since we lived together! This works…

The other day of my weekend generally looks like working on the plot, followed by drinks..


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