Allotment Adventures: Cucumber disaster

I planted 11 cucumbers plants last week, and at this point maybe one will survive, the others are dead, look at the bed of shrivelled, dead plants. The cucamelons are looking sick too!

The tomato plants are doing a little better, I planted out 35 and lost 6, but I did have spares to replace them, so we planted the others out and we’ll see how they do. This weekend I sowed some more cucumber seeds and potted on the basil.  On the plus side, the french beans are doing well, we picked our first broad beans, the salad bed is in overdrive, as is the beetroot bed which I thinned this week. The various summer and winter squash plants are ok and we’ve worked out where all the winter squash are going to go.

And the peas are flowering, which is very exciting.

Fruit is developing. Plums



Broad BeansSo now we wait and water. And sow some kale and chard and cauliflower for winter and more buckets for radishes and cauliflower and salad.Everything is behind this year but this week we still had chard, spinach, salad, rhubarb and broad beans, we also had cabbage from my plot neighbour! This is what I sent Ma home with this week.



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3 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Cucumber disaster

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  2. Valonia says:

    Wow, it all looks amazing. Well, aside from the cucumbers! The killing spree continues (I’ve lost at least 8 echinacea since we last compared murder rates)!

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