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Happy Friday! It’s been a week, which is something I’ve been saying quite a lot lately, things are in flux, people and it’s a strange place to be. Other than that, it’s been a pretty successful week.

This week on the blog, there was miscellany, rhubarb gin and an allotment update.

Here are this week’s links…

Just when you think Trump has done all the damage to the world he possibly could. There is more. Trump threw a match into Jerusalem with no plan to put out the fire. This week, Israeli soldiers were killing Palestinians. I have no doubt that Hamas is coordinating the protests, it was Nabka day this week so there were going to be protests but no Israeli deaths versus 60 and 2500 injured. That is a slaughter, not a defence. One thing about Hamas, extremism is mostly a product of hopelessness. I don’t like Hamas, I think their views are repugnant but if you refuse to deal with them, if you refuse to allow any light in, then Hamas is what you get. Israel has a right to exist but it has to recognise that it was founded by displacing Palestinians and it can understand that without ceding it’s right to exist. What it can’t do, is claim to be the bastion of democracy of the Middle East and do what it’s doing to Palestinians, that’s just hypocrisy. What Israel is doing, the policies it’s government executes, the corruption of it’s Prime Minster is wrong. It’s not antisemitic to say so.

Mysterious rise in banned ozone-destroying chemical shocks scientists. Sometimes I absolutely despair of the world. The ban in CFC’s and the gradual repair of the ozone layer was something that we got right. I really question whether humans deserve this planet…

My life was so hectic that I welcomed getting ill. Ma used to say that you could have a happy marriage, children or a job but you could only have two at a time. I don’t know if that’s true, seeing as I only have the job part of that equation but there’s something about how we live right now that makes us feel time poor.

Yet again a private franchise has failed on the East Coast Mainline, but when it was rescued last time and was state run, it made a profit. This should tell you something. I don’t agree with all of this piece by Andrew Adonis because I believe that national utilities (trains, water, energy should be nationalised) but it makes some good points.

Because it’s not 2018 or anything. Bank deputy fails test for top job with ‘menopause’ comment.

Gareth Southgate sticks to his guns with squad it’s hard to argue with We are entering a World Cup summer which, along with Euro summers, are the only times I really miss having a TV. England are not going to win but I’m really pleased that Southgate is taking a younger team.

The Deadpool Moment. We saw this last night and loved it.

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