Allotment Adventures: Everything is growing but mostly the weeds

This weekend was another solo weekend at the plot for me. I don’t know what the weather did where you are but on Saturday, it rained and rained, so I stayed indoors and on Sunday after my regular dog walking appointment with Sarah, I went to the plot via Wilko to pick up 6 of these. Yes, they were heavy and yes I did get funny looks on the bus!

The first order of the day was to do some weeding in the absence of the weedmaster also known as Ma! I weeded around the plum tree and hyacinths, there was a lot of grass. I also dug up more stray raspberry runners. Two years ago when I got the plot, Joe told me that he’d been thinking of pulling them up, they’d been planted sometime in the early 1970’s and he thought maybe they were just exhausted. They were certainly weed infested. That summer, we worked really hard, weeding and then mulching with compost and woodchip. Other than weeding them, that is all we’ve done and they have sprung back to life and annoyingly all over the rest of the plot! It’s a good problem to have!

Then I got busy with the hammer and put together the new winter squash bed.I was talking to my plot neighbour T (who is always teasing me about how much work Ma does, while I just swan about planting things!), as more people are back on their plots, I get lots of comments about how tidy our plot is. To be fair it is mostly pretty tidy but what it isn’t is straight. If I had planned the layout of the plot and knowing what I know now, I would probably have levelled it first. Instead, we just plonked the beds in as we could afford them, so straight and level the plot isn’t. We decided that this adds to my plot’s ramshackle charm, I wouldn’t want it to be too perfect! Which is why I’m not bothered by the not perfectly straight new squash bed.Last week, I took some of the over abundance of tomato plants and put them in the cloche. They were looking quite limp due to being a bit scorched so I decided to plant them out and see if they’d survive.  If they don’t, I have a whole bunch at home to plant out. We are formally past our official frost date now, so everyone is going mental planting stuff out. I had planned to plant everything out over the bank holiday weekend, but the plants indoors are in dire need of planting out so I may plant the courgettes and squash out next weekend. We’ll see what the weather is doing.

I did manage to give away some of my extra seedlings away so that’s all good and got to see Dionne as well. I have rhubarb envy, hers is doing much better than mine. Maybe we’re taking too much! The same cannot be said of my strawberries, which are going bananas, hopefully that will translate into fruit!My salad bed is beginning to flourish too. Last year the nasturtiums went bananas on this bed and I said that we weren’t planting any this year, but there are a couple in this bed amongst the lettuce!The broad beans look wonderful but I found black fly on the tops, bloody ants… I removed the tops and we’ll keep an eye on them but I’m beginning to believe it’s just the price I have to pay for broad beads. We are about three weeks away from our first harvest so it’s going to be a race between me and them vs. the ants!Lastly, look at that oreganoHard to believe that it started out as a tiny little thingAnyway, I’m feel that we are finally catching up and soon the manic watering phase of summer will begin…


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