Allotment Adventures: The War on Raspberries

It was hot this week, and everything in the allotment decided to pop up, the raspberries especially. So Ma and I spent a good hour digging the ones that weren’t where we wanted them to be..We also watered everything. The strawberries have flowersAs do the broad beansEverything else is doing it’s thing. Check out my blueberry sticksAnd we got rhubarb and chard to take home Amazing what a bit of hot weather does….

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5 Responses to Allotment Adventures: The War on Raspberries

  1. Valonia says:

    Wow, your plot is looking amazing, and really organised too! I love your shed. So nice to see such a colourful harvest too – our only crop so far is nettles!! 🙂

    • nicdempsey says:

      Thank you, the raised beds make it look tidier and no digging makes it easier to keep weed free! Where we have problems are at the top of the plot because that’s not covered effectively, but we do have plans for that this year! I made an effort to have crops that would overwinter and in Feb, I was going to pull the chard up but I’m really pleased that I didn’t. Chard and Kale have become essential to my growing plan but you do have to protect from the pigeons (and for you I guess the bunnies too!)

      • Valonia says:

        Are you managing to keep the fox out? It must be lovely to have some colour in the plot as well at this time of year. Ours looks so bare. After seeing your chard I think we may aim for the same next year.

  2. nicdempsey says:

    The fox is still about but only digs empty beds or beds that look empty! So we net them if we’re sowing direct and cover with weed fabric if they’re fallow. It comes and digs in the woodchip paths which is a bit annoying but I’m hoping is keeping the slugs down! and I never have mice eating my pea seeds! The chard and kale through winter has been lovely, I also left the broccoli to flower through the winter too!

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