Monthly Goals – March/April 2018

I’m all over the place this week, with the bank holiday and then on Tuesday a bug of some kind. I had to go home on Tuesday afternoon and haven’t left the house since!

Anyway, with March over, we are through the first quarter of the year and it’s been an odd month. It’s not been a good month for illness, I celebrated the last day of February, by putting my back out in spectacular fashion. I’ve hurt my back before and it’s been painful but I’ve been able to move, a bit more slowly than usual but I’ve got to work and I’ve got around. Not this time, I couldn’t stand straight, I couldn’t sit upright, it was seriously the worst it’s ever been, at some points crawling was the only way to get around and simple things like getting out of bed took 5 to 10 minutes. It resulted in two days off work and a weekend of doing very little. There was more snow on St Patrick’s Day and it was another weekend when I didn’t leave the house because I was ill, this time it was just a cold and much milder than usual (I didn’t miss any work days) but I wasn’t taking any chances. In between bouts of illness that kept me indoors, Ma and I spent the weekend in Shefford with the boys, where I caught the cold, but other than that, I had a pretty anti social month!

But on how I did with my March goals

Mind and Body

  • 10,000 steps a day. – Nope, nope so much nope. The target was 310,000 for the month and didn’t get there 
  • Vitamins every day. – This was easy, I take all four at night (multi-vitamin, vitamin d, folic acid and a high strength glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin tablet)
  • Feet and Hands. – again pretty easy to do, I do it before I go to bed
  • Golden hour – I’ve been maintaining this pretty strictly because last month my sleep was appalling and doing this helps a lot, and can be seen in my sleep stats in March I had a weekly average of 4h 35min sleep against the 3hr45min I got in February.

Budget & Spending

  • Stick to the spending budgets for food and household – yep, I did this, even when factoring my ‘throw money at it’ approach when I was ill.
  • No card use. I need to leave my debit card at home this month – didn’t manage it. I used my card, mostly in the chemist!

House Beautiful

  • Hoover once a week, my dislike of hoovering is well known, so I need to make it a weekly habit. – nope, see above about hurting my back. 
  • Defrost freezer – nope
  • Sort out underbed storage – this did not happen
  • Clean oven – nope
  • Curtains in the bedroom – this didn’t happen either!

Allotment  (why is this the longest list?)

  • bonfire
  • Paint the shed
  • start sowing seeds indoors (leeks, tomatoes, cucumbers, cucamelons, peppers, kale, chard, cauliflowers) – we’ve did leeks, tomatoes and sweetpeas on St Patrick’s Day 
  • start sowing seeds outdoors (beetroot, carrots, radishes, peas, salad, herbs) – nope see above answer about the snow and the rain!
  • plant out potatoes the anyas are planted out, the others I’ll do this weekend. 
  • buy compost and fill up remaining beds – nope, we had plans but neither of us felt up to doing it on Monday in the rain
  • plant out mint – done and we’ll see if it lives

Year so far

Reading – The TBR list on the Kindle stands at 92 and the physical pile of books is at 32, it slowly coming down, I just have to stop buying and borrowing books (it’s a disease!)

Household budget – I started with £52.20 ended with £12.00. I’ll have £52.00 for April

Food Budget – I had £14.86 left over which went in the jar.

Saving – The jar now contains £102.43

Health – So it’s not been the best month health wise. My bad back got much, much worse and I caught a cold. Good news is that my back seems better and it wasn’t a terrible cold, I was functional and I didn’t get a cough, so I’m feeling positive about that. But I do think that my overall health is being affected by the low level stress caused by not having a permanent job and temping. There’s nothing much I can do about that apart from work harder to find a permanent role! In other good news the clocks went back in March and we have much more daylight, which always helps. 

April Goals

April, so far is looking very quiet. It’ll be work and allotment and growing all the plants….

Mind and Body

  • 10,000 steps a day.
  • Vitamins every day.
  • Feet and Hands.
  • Golden hour

Budget & Spending

  • Stick to the spending budgets for food and household.
  • No card use. Let’s see if I can make this work for April

House Beautiful

This is pretty much all repeats of March because I didn’t get it done last month

  • Hoover once a week, my dislike of hoovering is well known, so I need to make it a weekly habit.
  • Sort out underbed storage
  • Clean oven
  • Defrost fridge
  • Curtains in the bedroom

Allotment  (still the longest list!)

  • bonfire
  • sowing seeds indoors (summer and winter squash, cucumbers etc)
  • start sowing seeds outdoors (beetroot, carrots, radishes, peas, salad, herbs)
  • sowing flowers in various places around the plot
  • greenhouse?
  • sort out the section at the top of the plot where the squash are going
  • compost
  • finish planting the potatoes
  • another coat of paint on the shed


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  1. I like it when people share their monthly/yearly goals, how well they did on the last batch, and what they intend for the future. Helps me start thinking along those same lines in my own life. Thanks!

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