Friday Links

No, it’s ok, I know it’s not actually Friday. It is however, the last day of the week if you’re in the UK and the beginning of the long weekend.

For all that I’m not really a churchgoer any more, I am a Christian and this week and the weekend are a pretty big deal. Sunday is also Lu’s birthday so I’ll be spending some of the weekend with the family too.

In case you missed anything this week, my usual round of my posts this week starts as ever with miscellany and my usual allotment update – where there has actually been some progress!!

And here is the other stuff..

The hard truth about back pain. Having recovered from my first severe back pain incident, I did the exercises on the hour and tried to make sure that I moved, but for the first two days, it was almost like my brain had forgotten how to walk or sit or stand up. After the first two days, I was able to walk more and it helped but before that walking just made the pain worse whereas rest helped.

The Grenfell Tower recovery is still being treated as a PR problem

The Hate U Give wins Waterstones children’s book of the year. I also completely agree with James Daunt that this book needs to be read by adults too.

A harassed woman tweeting her story isn’t tantamount to a witch hunt

These gaping holes in male learning and collective action are filled not only by female solidarity, where knowing women look out for one another and swoop in where able, but also by a noisy minority of men whose chief priority in the war against sexual harassment seems to be in reminding everyone that not all men are evil.

How to boost your business? Let workers sleep

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