Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday!

Well folks, it’s a new week! Last week was pretty good, I had a wobble on Saturday but allowed myself a bit of time to be sad and then pulled myself together! Which was good because Ma and I had allotment plans and I wanted to sort myself out for this week. Which I’m happy to report I did.

We’re nearly at the end of Lent and it’s been a really good Lent for me, I’ve spend some time thinking about my life and the thing that has been resonating for me and that I’ve kept coming back to is that ‘God has other work for me to do’. I’ve made no secret that being single and childless and nearly 45 is not how I expected my life to go. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my life right now, I’m very lucky and although it’s hard sometimes, it’s not awful all the time. It’s been really interesting how over the course of the Grace Lent’s Whatsapp group, so many women have found fertility and carrying and being single and Mother’s Day tricky. The difficulty of not following the conventional marriage and children path even though most of us didn’t chose the paths we found ourselves on. This has kept popping up for me over Lent in other spaces. Friends who can’t have children, or are struggling with parenting. I didn’t get the wish of my heart, which seems odd because I’m really good with children! But my lack of them means that I get to spend more time with other people’s children and this little one, seen trying (I think) to feed a lamb!

Ok serious stuff asides, this week is busy, I have a short work week this week, an appointment with Ma for clothes shopping (I loathe clothes shopping and really try to avoid it but most of my summer clothes and sandals died last summer so it’s time to re-up my wardrobe!), more allotmenting and more family time, we are going up to babysit and to celebrate Laura’s birthday which is over the weekend!

Next week is full of good things, I just need to get over myself so I can enjoy it! Given that my aims for this week are all about getting enough sleep and looking after my space. I also want to spend some time reading and get some bedtime yoga in this week.

What’s everyone else up to?


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