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Happy Friday!


In case you missed them, this week’s posts miscellany, Cold Cures (well not exactly cures but coping with and getting rid of colds), this week’s allotment update was all about how it’s still winter even though it’s technically spring, and yesterday

Homelessness minister doesn’t know why homelessness is rising but is sure it’s nothing to do with cuts and universal credit. Really, either this woman is very, very stupid or she’s a liar. Neither is good.

If you’re homelessness minister, maybe you should know something about it Neil Coyle says it better.

This doesn’t help. UK surge in housing costs for poorest ‘worst in western Europe’

Let’s move to Spalding. This is were my grandma grew up, I can’t believe that they mentioned pork pies but not haslet!

Julie Washington’s Quest to Get Schools to Respect African-American English This is interesting.

‘Women are having different fantasies’: romantic fiction in the age of Trump. Also interesting…

The rise of the alpha single. I’m not sad and lonely, I’m on the bleeding edge of a trend! But this was good, this in particular

If my thesis on single life is sounding idealistic to you, let me concede that it isn’t a perfect riot of martinis, sex parties and sleeping in starfish position. There are wobbles, even if like me you have no children to worry about. This Valentine’s Day I came back to my desk after lunch to find that a well-meaning publicist had delivered a bunch of heart-shaped helium balloons. I sat there all afternoon with what felt like a bleakly ironic neon sign hanging over my head: “No romance here,” it blinked in my mind’s eye. “Hasn’t received a real Valentine’s gift since 1993.”

When I’m tired, when I’m ill, when I’m not invited to a dinner party because I don’t come in a pair – these are moments when I feel sorry for myself, and miss the safety net of having someone who loves me and will put their arms around me. But listen – it’s still worth it. When I stack the good moments and the bad on the metaphorical weighing scales, I still understand that this is a happier situation overall than a mediocre relationship.



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