Dark Horse

Friday saw me venturing over to Stratford for drinks. Now I know that lots of people love East London but I’m firmly team West London and rarely get over that side of London. If I had to visualise London, the east of the city, might as well say ‘Here Be Dragons’. I didn’t get over to the Olympic Village during the 2012 Olympics which should give you an idea.Before I get to why I was there, I should explain, back when Ma was working, we used to go to the OXO Tower fairly often and became friendly with the bar manager,  Ian even gave Ma a jar of brandied cherries to celebrate her retirement.

Then Ian left to start his own place, Dark Horse and although social media keeps us in touch, we haven’t made it over to see the new restaurant, which was bad form, a couple of weeks ago I posted a photo of a martini and Ian said we really should go and visit. So we did.I really liked the restaurant, the manhattan was great. We ordered a couple of the small plates. Grilled lamb with Merguez, farro & treviso salad, padron peppers, bread, it was good and I was so busy eating that I didn’t take a photo of it!I decided to have pudding and I’m still thinking about the lime posset!I’m glad it’s doing well, it’s nice when people you like take a risk that works, my only problem with it is that it’s in East London!


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