A bit of culture

I left work early yesterday to go and see the Bridge Theatre’s production of Julius Caesar. It’s a good production, well acted and more urgent than the other productions I’ve seen. That is one of the things I love about Shakespeare, that each time I see it, I get something new from it.This time I was really struck by the urgency of Marc Anthony’s (David Morrissey)  “I’ve come to bury Caesar, not to praise him” speech and the way that the mob and the mood of the mob can turn for things like 75 drachma and a pleasure garden to walk in. And the sense of a group of nobles looking out for their own power and justifying their actions as ‘for the people’.It’s not a perfect production but it’s over 2 hours with no break and held my attention.

This is my second visit to the Bridge and I think the theatre is great but the foyer area is badly designed and gets stupidly crowded. I don’t often get to that side of London and it reminds me I should.

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