Friday Links

Happy Friday!

The last full week of January! Five more days and we are done and move on to February and the delights of Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday (which are the same day this year!). Today is a marvellous day because I’m finally getting my haircut and I’ll be able so see out from under my fringe! Other things notable about this week were the migraine I had on Wednesday (I don’t love only being able to see out of one eye) and lots of essential oils to help with sleep.

In case you missed it, there was Miscellany on Monday when I talked about my daily photo habit and how it is propelling me towards the mostly non-grumpy version of myself that I am in summer and about the importance of a bedtime routine that I call ‘the Golden Hour‘. I also talked about what we’re planning on growing on the plot this season and how I’m reviving my love of lipstick by wearing it more often and yesterday showed you some of my food highlights in January (lots of food prep, some martinis!)

How the UK rediscovered gin. I would point out that some of us didn’t need to rediscover it because it’s always been our favourite, but that would be churlish…

This about Beefeater is true and very funny…

Seven in 10 UK workers are ‘chronically broke’, study finds. Yep, I’m a steady stater and the shock was being made redundant. I’m working now but I don’t feel very secure.

‘I baked fairy cakes and it dialled down the horror a little’ I think this is a lovely, I really like the way she got that she had SAD but that something else made it worse. That’s my experience of how winter felt after Stef died…

‘Any less than 10 hours and I feel grumpy’: meet the clean sleepers. Oh dear, is this me? On balance, I don’t think so, my sleep is pretty rubbish, I try to make sure that I have the opportunity for 8 hours sleep and I do practice sleep hygiene and try and have a bedtime routine. When I feel ill or really tired I do go to bed early or have a nap in the afternoon at the weekend but I try not to stress about it!

Seeds of Hope: New Beginnings on the Allotment. Something everyone that grows things understands. I’m really excited right now, come April and May when my mood is “there are seedlings everywhere and I would just like all the plants to be in the ground now and out of my living room thank you very much. And now I have to water all the things and is there a frost coming? I need to save my potatoes” I will feel differently..

This was sweet. Thanks for my football tickets. That’s one uncle winning all the points….

I wasn’t keen on Germaine Greer before it was fashionable to hate her for being anti trans. I think that she’s actually one of the worse examples (by which of course, I mean the best) of the issues I have with some baby boomers. Which starts with a total lack of empathy towards other women and situations they may find themselves in. Maybe she isn’t being no platformed because students are anti free speech, maybe her opinions are just out of date. Germaine Greer criticises ‘whingeing’ #MeToo movement


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