Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’m the more happy to see a Friday come around than I’ve been for a while. this is the first straight five days I’ve done at work since 30 September last year, it’s both easier and harder than I expected!

Here are this week’s links….

How I let drinking take over my life

Good for Macmillan. Fire and Fury Publisher Shuts Down Trump Lawyer’s Demands to Cease the Book’s Printing. I’m not sure if it is an important book in the greater scheme of things but Trump shouldn’t be allowed to be a bully.

Number of Britons applying for French citizenship rises tenfold in three years. You can understand that!

The growing problem of rural homelessness

 “We should judge ourselves on how we look after our weak members,” he says. “If we’re not doing that, we’re not doing a good job on anything.”

‘I live in fear I’ll miss a seriously ill patient and they will die’. It’s a crisis and it doesn’t stop being a crisis because you thought it might happen and decided that if it did, you’d cancel routine operations. Sometimes I know it’s going to rain and I take an umbrella, that doesn’t mean it’s not raining. Also how did Jeremy Hunt get to keep his job and add more responsibility to it, when this is happening?

Farage backs second Brexit referendum. Even an stopped clock is right twice a day, Farage is still an charlatan though.

Finally, backwards books. Has there ever been a more stupid trend? No, there has not…



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