Sunday Music

Sometimes music has meaning to you beyond anything the person who made the music intends or has a different meaning to the one the listener takes. (For example there is a Foo Fighters song that makes me think about Lent and Jesus in the desert and I’m pretty bloody sure that was not the intention when the song was written, there you have it the mystery of creativity…)

For me, and this is a huge part of my journey as a christian, I understand that I fail God most when I don’t love enough. As a human, I understand that judgement comes from fear and fear comes from lack. When I am whole and secure in who I am, I’m able to switch off love and when I can do that, I am the person that God made me to be and I am truly free. (Yes it is unbelievably cheesy, it’s really hard to be English and reserved and christian or sincerely express any emotion, which is why my Grandad bought us lots and lots of kitkats and fruit!)

However, I’m human and not God so I fail in that more times than I care to think able. To be human is to fail. This song somehow sums that feeling of when I get it right, which I do very, very occasionally.

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