12 Days of Christmas

….or why my tree is still up and won’t come down until Friday.

I love Christmas and my favourite part of it is my tree. Every year though, I spend the 1st t0 23rd of December wondering why the trees are up too early and from 26th December until 5th January wondering why they are coming down too soon.

I have this theory that we steal the joy of things by doing things too early. I don’t put my tree up early in December, because it’ll be in the way and I’ll feel stressed and hassled about all the Christmas things and I’ll loose the preparation time of Advent.So I spend December waiting and on Christmas Eve after Carols from Kings on the radio during which I’m usually making mince pies and/or cheese stars, Ma will arrive and we’ll drink a manhattan while decorating the tree. Ma will go crazy with the lametta and we’ll have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner (fish pie and peas) and then it’s Christmas.Then I’ll have 12 days with the tree up. It’ll fill the house with greenery and glittery lights, it will twinkle through the in between days and New Year’s Eve and get me through the first couple of grim days as I go back to work and deal with the commute and then on Twelfth Night, we take it down and put Christmas away. Christmas is a restful, bright time in the middle of winter and I understand why in older traditions, the Church was still in Christmastide until Candlemas in February! This time of year we need Christmas, there is quite a bit of time between now and Spring, why are we in such a hurry to take it all down and go back to normal? Is it because we started it prematurely? I love the brief bright 12 days of Christmas and although I am going to spend this week re-entering normal, I’m going to keep my twinkly tree up until tomorrow!



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