Gifts and January’s goals

This year I got some money for Christmas that I put towards a new bed, something that I’m very happy about.And I gave myself the gift of new bed linen, and a unit for the living room.I’m very fortunate to be able to do that but it has been making me think about other gifts I can give myself. In this instance it’s about the gift of preparation.

Today I did some food prep and some laundry and generally got myself as sorted as I’m going to be for going back to work. 6am tomorrow morning is going to be tough but I’m as sorted as I can be.Which leads me to goals for January because instead of thinking of them as goals or tasks or resolutions, I’m going to think of them as gifts that I’m giving myself because January is going to be tough enough as it is.

So this month:

  • Yoga for 30 days. I’m doing the January yoga with Adrienne.
  • 10,000 steps a day. I’m actually aiming for 70,000 steps a week.
  • Vitamins. I need to start taking them again.
  •  Feet. Moisturising and generally taking care of them, it’s slipped over the last couple of months and my feet are in dire need of regular TLC.
  • No spending in January on anything other than food which will be £15 a week
  • Food prep and menu planning. It makes a difference and I really need to start applying myself to it.
  • Sort out. This month of all of the chest of drawers in my bedroom.


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