Goals Recap, Goals Set – November/December 2017

November managed to be both better and worse that I expected. Better because only one migraine and it was generally not as gloomy as usual, worse because looking for a job is hard on my ego and introvert brain. I’ve had 4 interviews, 2 rejections and 2 that I’m waiting on. It’s frustrating and lots of other things.

So let’s look at the goals

  • 10,000 steps a day Done! This was easier than expected, I averaged 12,316 steps a day and there were days when I didn’t make 10,000 a day but over the month I’m happy with that for a first month.
  • 30 days of yoga More than less yoga – 20 out of 30 days.
  • Finish the cross-stitch – barely looked at it this month but I will finish it for Christmas
  • Tidy out the chest of drawers in the living room – done, it took about half an hour
  • Clean under the bed. Done, which is good because the new bed is coming after Christmas…
  • Reach out and start really looking for work – doing this, doesn’t feel like I’m getting anywhere but it’s happening.
  • I’m going to help at the foodbank on Monday afternoon – I’ve snapped all my nails and hauled more tins of chickpeas than I thought possible..

The Allotment

  • paint the shed  – nope, when I’ve had the time it’s been raining, when it’s been clear, I haven’t had the time.
  • cover the beds that aren’t being used – done
  • garlic and broad beans in  – we decided not to do garlic this year but the broad beans are in
  • burn some rubbish – it’s been too wet to burn
  • cut back and dig up the raspberries  – not done, again it’s been a time versus weather thing.

The plan for December is pretty similar to November. So 10,000 steps a day, stretch/yoga every day and do all the daily stuff I’ve been doing.

Additionally, I need to sort out the living room for the the tree, sort out the music and photos on the new mac, write Christmas cards and post them by the 15 December, and sort out Christmas presents by the 20 December.

It’s the last month of year so I need to make it count.

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