Friday Links

Happy Friday! We are now officially in December, and thus Christmas music can be played! Tomorrow I will be at Ginvent drinking all of the gin, so December is off to a good start…

I should also point out that links will more or less (this being my only comment on it) be a royal engagement free zone. It’s not being a killjoy, I’m a republican, I don’t get the fuss, anymore than I would with any other celebrity wedding. Also what is the bloody point of them if we don’t get a bank holiday?

The state of the world worries me right now, I’m worried enough by the idiots that are in power here but the ones in the US are even worse…Theresa May rebukes Trump as opposition to state visit grows

The state of the Houses of Parliament

Should work be a baby-free zone?. Yes, I object to people bringing babies into the office. Should employers/govt make childcare easier and cheaper and use taxes to pay for that?Yes.

How the sandwich consumed Britain.

As it’s Christmas music time and the same stuff about ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ comes up every year. Please read this tweet

In praise of Smitten Kitchen. I love Deb’s recipes and the second cookbook is on my wish list!

Escape the news with “In Our Time”. My love of “In Our Time” is well known and documented. It’s always fascinating and Melvyn Bragg is on my list of people who I’d like to be adopted by!

How to eat Beans on Toast. I know how to eat beans on Toast. Take the tin of beans, throw them in the bin, eat the toast. Easy

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