Best/Worst 25 September to 1 October 2017

Happy Monday! I skipped an update of last week because honestly because my head was full of redundancy stuff and waking up at 3am for 7 days in a row and not being able to sleep does not make for being happy and positive about your life!


I made it through a difficult week intact. Actually, I’ve made it through two difficult weeks intact. I have got into the office, which was hard, its difficult go to work and acomplish anything, when you are gearing up to leave and you can’t tell anyone. My brain is shot and concentrating on work was been difficult. It’s done now and I think I’ve managed the last two weeks with, dare I say it, grace and dignity at a time I didn’t feel like being either!


Last week at work. It’s tough when you can’t really tell anyone that you’re going, I try to be upfront and honourable and this week I felt like a liar and that’s a tricky thing to deal with. Added to that I also had to deal with a solictor, I was worried about money and all the other things that knowing you’re about to be unemployed brings…

Honourable mentions to friends that rally round you in times of crisis, wine, healthy choices, children having birthdays, the restorative power of cake, a tidy house, sleeping pills, reading, netflix, gin (not at the same time as the sleeping pills), dinner with friends who are wise, planning, cheese, yoga, helping out at a birthday party full of excited 6 year olds, a conversation with my brother, ricotta tart, a Sunday in my pyjamas and  a tax rebate! I’m 

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