Friday Links

Happy Friday!

Are you ready for that jelly? Why it’s time to start eating jellyfish. I think it’s safe to say I am not ready to eat jellyfish…

Mystery seeds produce record breaking squash.

Sex toys at Poundland. My mind is struggling with this a bit!

Do we really need therapy? I did. What it really taught me is that I had the answers to my issues but the question wasn’t what I thought it was. Which is why I needed it.

Ever, Jane is the Jane Austen game you have been waiting for. No it is not, because I find the fetishisation of Jane Austen and the Regency disturbing.  It’s not that I don’t love both Jane Austen novels or Regency fiction I do and I’m generally fascinated by the period. John Kincaid is on the list of my fantasy dinner guests for crying out loud. It’s lovely to imagine yourself as a regency heroine but the truth is that the majority of us wouldn’t be the educated Elizabeth Bennett but the unnamed servants who may or may not have been able to read. Modern life is not rubbish, we don’t live in slums (well the Tories are working on it but still, we do live in a word with antibotics where very few women die in childbirth and no-one dies of VD. These are things to be proud of and harking back to a time when those things did happen and womens lives were restricted is sick..

Elizabeth Warren Is Getting Hillary-ed

The US just picked a nasty trade fight with Canada — and it’s likely to backfire I hope it will backfire mostly because only the most deluded of Brexiteers actually believe that a UK/US trade agreement post Brexit will be good for the UK

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