Allotment Adventures: September

The food production on the plot is slowing down but not so you’d notice from the weekly produce shots.Courgettes, crookneck squash, a patty pan, salad, chard (the self seeded one next to the flowers at the top of the plot), over a kilo of tomatoes, peppers and loads of basil. That was Saturday, in the week, I’d collected another load of tomatoes and on Sunday we collected broccoli, more basil and a few more tomatoes.

So we’re still keeping ourselves fed, but two of the tomato beds are done. The early bed with the orange tomatoes, is more or less exhausted and we pulled up the cherry tomato bed next to the herb bed because the blight was spreading faster than the tomatoes were ripening (it’s a fine line). So they came up and we harvested all the basil in that bed too.

Once that was done, we manured the bed and covered it with cardboard to give the worms something to do.The greenhouse is full of ripening tomatoes now.But the buckets with tomato plants in them at the top of the plot and the last bed are still hanging on and hopefully their will be enough sunny weather to ripen them on the vine.I planted out some baby kale next to the chard and am kind of relieved that the rain yesterday afternoon and today which should help them settle in, although it’s not good for my remaining tomatoes.I also sowed some black winter radish in the bed with my one cabbage and the pak choi, I learnt from last year and netted the bed to prevent the marauding pigeons, I might even get some this year!I got some broccoli spears from the side shoots but it’s still flowering away and is food for the bees at least! There are two big kale plants in there and when the broccoli comes up, I’ll sow mustard greens.

So for those of you keeping up, that means that over winter we’ll hopefully have kale, chard, mustard greens, winter radish and leeks. Not like the abundance of summer but something. Next week, I’ll also sow some winter lettuce and spring onions for early spring and some coriander and parsley for indoor herbs. In October, we’ll also plant garlic, shallots and broad beans to overwinter.

Other things that happened on the plot this week where noticing that the borage did self seed and that it’s about to flowerManaging to move the butternut squash from the pallet where it had wedged itself to the top of the pallet where it can get some sun.The romano pepper suddenly growing, let’s hope it has enough time to ripen!and the cosmos developing flower buds. Word has come down from on high (my mum) that we are not growing cosmos next year because they are disobedient!It’s been a good summer and autumn shows signs of being very productive too.


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