What I’ve Read – August 2017

From the look of this list, it looks like all I did was read. Which is not true but I did read quite a lot, some months that happens and it was my birthday month…

The Unyielding – Shelley Laurenston (Kindle TBR)

I love the Laurenston books although this wasn’t as much fun as the last two Call of Crows books. Having said that Four Horsemen of the Apocalyspe were hilarious, the whole riff on which patheon has the better dragon had me laughing hard. Perfect, I’m in bed with a cold reading..

After You – Erin Nicholas (Kindle TBR)

I enjoyed it but the whole plot was based on someone not talking about what the hell was going on and I didn’t feel that that was dealt with.

Trust – Kylie Scott (Kindle bought)

This is one of H’s picks, it’s written as YA so it’s less explicit than other of her books and I really enjoyed reading it. I loved that although horrible things happened and have given her issues, the Edie is strong and sure about who she is. I liked that although the John had alpha-hole tendancies, Edie will not put up with it although she gets it wrong sometimes. I still think happy forever endings for teenagers are unrealistic but I liked this one. I also really liked the parent here because it was nice to see a non perfect parent be normal and loving instead of over the top terrible or neglectful.

Lord of Shadows – Cassandra Clare (Kindle bought)

I really enjoyed it, I could really, really do without the ‘we’re in love but we can’t be’ theme, but the rest of it, I liked. Although it ended really abruptly (and horribly) and it’s going to be ages (2019) until the next book. What I did love having read all of her other books, is that nothing really gets resolved. You beat the big bad, find your true love but there’s always the next thing. Sometimes that’s your relationship, sometimes it’s another big bad, sometimes it’s just that people don’t learn. They overcome one type of hatred, fall into another. That is the biggest problem here. Life and people not learning.

Hate to Love You – Alisha Rai (Kindle bought)

I really enjoyed this. I enjoyed how mucked up they both were, I liked how strong they were. I didn’t quite get the melodrama but I thought it was well handled.

A Queen from the North – Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese  (Kindle bought)

This had an interesting write up in Smart Bitches but I struggled with it. I loved the premise but there were too many issues for me. First, the history and alternate worlding – to completely change the history of royalty in the UK means to completely change the history of the UK. They made a stab at it with Unified instead of United Kingdom but what happened in Ireland. The change of history happens with Henry VI’s Tudor dynasty coming unstuck and Elizabeth of York being beheaded. So the Tudors are Lancastrian. But the book is based on the North being neglected, it says from the Midlands to Scotland. There is a whole lot of non-Yorkshire land in the North including Lancashire, which is a problem if the North is neglected and underfunded, what about the Industrial Revolution? Also the line goes back to the Henry VI which supposes that Elizabeth I married which changes the dynamic of most of European history even more. And yet everything is the same more or less as the modern UK I live in. Doesn’t make sense. Then there were the Americianisms – English people would not say math or school, when they mean maths and uni or college. Why is the heroine only applying to US colleges for PHD study, when Imperial College is on her doorstep. The stuff about the ravens and the tower doesn’t make sense within the novel. I really struggled with the hero not bloody communicating and there was too much instalove and not enough actual communication. On the plus side, the book contains diversity which I appreciated and I read it in a day. It’s a great idea but for me, poorly executed.

Good Boy – Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy (Kindle TBR)

This was pretty fun. I liked that Blake was all easy on the surface but was a really nice guy. It was funny and easy to read and we’ve established that I like Sarina Bowen books haven’t we?

Deep Check – Kimberly Kincaid (free)

It was free, I read it in a day. It was ok. Everything was a bit to easily resolved.

A Rogue by Any Other Name – Sarah McLean (Kindle TBR)

With Sarah McLean novels, I do a certain amount of handwaving, they aren’t supposed to be accurate but but please…an English lady would not vow to pay back every cent. You know why? Because England had pounds, schillings and pence (and many other complicated coins pre-decimalisation). They would pay back every penny. Not hard. Aside from an couple of other errors, I’m pretty sure that the age of majority in 1833 was 21 but I’m happy to be corrected, I enjoyed it. I liked both characters and that they eventually got over themselves and together. And of course I wanted to read the other two, thank goodness for friends who buy books but Amazon really does have to get on with allowing leading on Kindles..

A Scot in the Dark – Sarah McLean (borrowed)

I think I liked this one most of the three. I found myself annoyed at some of the language through both this and the next one, generally, we are finished not through. But my petty language annoyances aside, I enjoyed this but I did become increasingly annoyed that their didn’t properly use their words. Tell each other what is going on. Having said that I did like that we got more of the Dangerous Daughters but I’m sad that two of them got married in since the last book and we don’t see any of them.

The Day of the Duchess – Sarah McLean (borrowed)

This was going to be the hardest sell of the three books, given that the first starts with the hero, Mal cheating on his wife, Seraphina, who is the hero in this book. Sera disappeared after book one and in this book she comes back and asks for a divorce. I found the Lords part of the book the hardest to cope with, I think I was just in a nitpicky mood and I’m pretty sure that the House of Lords would not have met in the morning, they only work two mornings a week as it is and morning sessions are a relatively new invention in Parliament. I loved that we got to see more of Sophie and Sesily in this book and pleased that Sesily will eventually get her own story. Overall, I liked this but I felt that they both needed to use their words more and be a bit more honest with each other.

The Taming of the Duke – Eloisa James (Kindle TBT list)

This is book 3 of the Essex Sisters series, I read the first two last year and didn’t get to the other two. A friend was talking about all four of the books and I remembered them so went back to finish the others.

Pleasure for Pleasure – Eloisa James (Kindle TBR list)

Book 4 of the Essex Sisters. I don’t know about this. There’s too much going on. Josie is the youngest and has not been a hit with the ton. She’s known as the ‘Scottish Sausage’, she’s plus sized and encased in a torturous corset because she’s so self concious about it. The Earl of Mayne, our hero is an older man, friend of the family and reformed lothario, engaged to someone else who is nice enough but doesn’t really want him, she just wants to be married because that’s what ladies do. There’s a sub plot with the hero’s sister (and Josie’s chaperone), Griselda, starting a romance with the man who made Josie a pariah, who has seen the error of his ways and is also younger. Another about one of his set, who tries to get the gang back together by destroying Josie but is ultimately foiled. It’s all too much. I wanted to know about all of them in more detail. For me, how does Josie overcome being selfconcious about her size, Mayne needs to get his head out of his arse and realise what he’s doing and what he has and it all goes too fast. Griselda’s story is a book in itself but seems to have been added so everyone can have a happy ending. I did enjoy it, Eloisa James writes brilliantly but it was frustrating, I’d just got into one person’s story and it all switched to another but I had a ton of things I wanted to know more about.

In Other Lands – Sarah Rees Brennan (Kindle bought)

So Sarah Rees Brennan turned her free internet story ‘The Turn of the Story’ into a book or her publishers did or something and because I loved The Turn of the Story have enjoyed everything that she’s written before now, I bought it and it is glorious. I like all of it and love Elliot because he’s a pill but he’s right (and wrong) in a human way. It made me laugh out loud on a train. I can’t be objective about it because I love it too much. It makes fun of all sorts of things, fantasy novels, sexism, being a teenager but also has at it’s heart a boy who doesn’t think that he’ll ever be wanted but won’t let that stop him from being him. And it’s funny, did I mention how funny it is…

A Promise of Fire – Amanda Bouchet (Kindle bought)

Breath of Fire – Amanda Bouchet (Kindle bought)

I had heard really good things about this series, so bought them as a birthday treat. I really enjoyed them and have already ordered the third. The use of the Greek gods was really interesting and I liked Cat. I was less enthralled with Griffin and I want to know more about the others in the team. Both of them absolutely live up to their hype.

Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman (library ebook)

I’m not sure that Neil Gaiman has a style but for me, he’s just readable. I liked this, I liked the way that each story lead on, one from another and it’s a bedtime book for an older child too.


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