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Happy Friday!  This week I am having opinions, you have been warned….

This is also the last Bank Holiday weekend until Christmas, and my brother’s 10th wedding anniversary so I shall be marking the extra day off with babysitting the nephews! Have a good weekend.

The demise of the Childrens Food Trust and why children need to learn to cook.

‘I use food banks’ – workers on the impact of the pay squeeze. What basically comes through here, is that people are struggling where they wouldn’t have been before the recession. These aren’t the ‘lazy people living off benefits’, theyare all working and it’s not enough. Wages are not covering the cost of living and it’s worse if you don’t have a mortgage. Until politicians accept this and do something about it, everything is going to continue to get worse.

I am not a mother, but I am a grown, real woman A lot of this article irritated me but I was having a conversation last week about this. Honestly, I don’t believe in ‘adulting’ and a lot of this is just silly but I do bang up against the idea that I’m not really an adult because I’m not in a couple or with children and it’s very annoying.

Ending a Pregnancy Because of Down Syndrome Is Not a Precursor to Eugenics. Ending a pregnancy because of disability is a choice women and their partners make based on what they are able to cope with and often because of the children they already have. I used to volunteer taking disabled children swimming once a week. Most of those kids had Down’s. The kids were lovely, sometimes slightly more work than ‘normal’ kids but what I remember is their parents and siblings. Because most of those children were the youngest children and the parents slightly older and tired, really tired and worried about what would happen when they couldn’t look after their children and it was going to be on their silblings to look after them. That’s a responsibility that some parents don’t want to place on their children. Having a disabled child might also be a joy, parents as a general rule love their children whatever their issues but it is also work and completely alters the dynamic of a couple and a family. I’ve watched people make tough choices based on the life of the children they have and feel terrible about it. I’ve also seen people with disabled children who regret the burden that it has put on them and their families, maybe if we had a society where disabled people and their families didn’t have to fight so hard to exist, people would make other decisions but we need to stop talking about eugenics and recognise that choices are made for lots of different reasons and we need to be sensitive to that.

The retelling of Diana’s story has revealed the Britain we once were I’m really tired of this. I remember what it was like when she died and it was hysterical and ridiculous. It was also menacing, no one was allowed to express anything other than grief. I was not upset or grieving because I didn’t know her. I was sad for her children but I didn’t think that she was a particularly good parent (confirmed for me by her comments about her children not being effected by the news about their parents marriage and adultery because they were ‘at school’), while I didn’t think that she was treated well by the Royal Family, I didn’t think she behaved well either. I thought everyone was being overwrought then and I think the same now.

What to do with a glut.Not enough recipes for me, at some point I will tackle courgette and ginger jam. Not this year though!

Finally a bunch of Ottolenghi recipes that don’t have a million ingredients.

Christmas albums: 13 ways to spot a festive turkey. It is still August, why are they doing this to me? Having said that, we already know what we are doing for Christmas, because Ben and Lu asked us if we want to go to them!


The blue dogs of Mumbai



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