Cooking lately

One of the things about August is that my eating and cooking become unplanned. Last year, I was logging this every week and August is full of weeks that start, “I couldn’t be bothered to cook” or “I was tired” or “no shopping because there are so many courgettes…”This has been even more true this August because there has been an increase in produce overall and a decrease in courgettes! That aside August is just not a time for much innovation in the kitchen, the month more or less starts me having a week off and family lunch for my birthday. The food is usually the same, garlic bread, roast chicken, new potatoes and salad and so it was this year. Although the whole thing seemed more organised this year and Joe stole my garlic bread! The difference is that more of it was homegrown, the garlic butter was made with my own garlic and herbs, I grew the salad.

The week after that I basically lived of leftover roast chicken and salsa verde, I don’t think I cooked all week. Except to make stock from the bones of the chicken. This week, I did make dinner but it’s all been geared around trying to reduce the dent in the produce heap and although delicious not really blog worthy….Other cooking I’ve done, has been about preserving. Garlic butter, more salsa verde, tomato sauce, pickled courgette. The freezer is stuffed and the cupboard stuffed with jars of jam. I also have to remember that my ‘not much cooking’ is more cooking than a lot of people consider normal and my eating is full of fresh, homegrown produce which is good.I’ve come to accept that this is a feature of August and I’ll get my cooking mojo back sometime soon, probably as the allotment slows down, although I will need to find some new ways to use butternut squash….

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