Best/Worst 14 to 20 August 2017

Happy new week people!


Patty pans. The patty pan has started to fruit. I was begining to wonder if it ever would but we have had four this week!

Soda bread. Kathy and the children made me soda bread and delivered it on Friday. It was a lovely thing to do and it’s really good bread. I need to get a hold of the recipe.A day to read. That was yesterday, I did very little and just read books, it’s my favourite thing to do, I have lots of books….


It’s getting darker. I’ve noticed that the nights are drawing in but more painful from my point of view, it’s getting darker in the mornings and the streetlights (that are light sensitive) have still been on at 7.50am!

Honourable mentions to a day on the plot, dinner out, trying to work out how my new birthday present works, potatoes from my allotment neighbour, a haircut, going back to work after a holiday, working from home on Friday morning, an increased need for coffee, not having to do any food shopping because there is so much food coming off the plot right now, the joy of salsa verde which I have been putting on everything, books (I did mention all the reading I got to do over the weekend, didn’t I?), news of a tax rebate but annoyance at how to actually get the money…

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