Best/Worst 31 July to 6 August 2017

Happy Monday! It is a happy Monday for me as I’m off work for a week and it was my birthday yesterday!


Birthday. Although I’m not as bothered by birthdays as I used to be, they are a big deal in my family because the passing of another year is important! Ma took me for lunch on the actual day, I was out for drinks on Friday and Saturday and generally felt loved.


Oli’s cucumber. He’s excited and we are excited for him.


Cold. I caught it at the tail end of last week and so entered Monday feeling pretty horrible. I know a cold won’t kill me, I just want to die for it’s duration. Thank God for Night Nurse!

Honourable mentions to the joys of eating food that I’ve grown, the situation with the allotments making it to the Guardian website, dealing with other people being disorganised and not losing my temper (I never think I’m that organised until I come across other people who are so much worse and think they are efficient), birthday presents, the general joy of being alive.

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