Allotment Adventures: Cut your losses

This was the week I decided that it was ok to stop doing something if it wasn’t doing well. That thing was the boston squash. I had put what I thought was 2 baby blue hubbards in the box to grow up the arch. One of them was a boston squash and while the baby blue seemed fine the boston squash was not doing well.

On Thursday night after a short conversation with my wise neighbour Joe, I decided to cut my losses and take the one remaining boston squash before it too died. Say hello to the massive squash. Also say hello to the winter squash plant that is doing really well. The monster butternut squash plant which has seven squash on it and is spreading into the raspberries!Over the week, I gave Kathy a courgette, a crookneck, a cucumber and a herb. Joe took a cucumber on Thursday, I picked another massive load of french beans, a cucumber and some plums.

On Thursday night the fox was most put out that I was on his plot.I told mum that there probably wouldn’t be much to take home at the weekend. I was wrong. There were no courgettes, but eight crookneck squash, three beetroots, seven cucumbers, six tomatoes (which were eaten straight away and hopefully are a sign of tomatoes to come), four carrots, spinach, salad leaves, spring onions, french beans and loads of plums.As for actual work on the plot, there was weeding, I finally sorted out the strawberry bed and cut off all the runners. I’ve planted a load of them up, for when I extend the bed and for Laura and Georgie, if they want them. I tidied up the crookneck, cutting off all the mildewed leaves and did the same to the cukes. I also tidied and tied up the tomatoes. 

I discovered that something (slugs most likely) have eaten holes in my peppers which I am unhappy about but what can you do? More slug pellets in the greenhouse.

While I was in the greenhouse, I sowed some pak choi, chard, beetroot and kale, I also managed to drop the pak choi seeds everywhere so I’ll need to buy another packet of those! I also took some cuttings of the mint and have plans to do the same with the oregano. I want to sow some basil as well to have it through the winter indoors.

We pulled up the first set of french beans and I planted chard in the space left behind. I sowed another three rows of beans on that bed and in the brassicas and they are in flower so we won’t be without beans for long. I also planted out the tarragon in the herb patch. Ma weeded that bed and I think some borage seeds are coming up to replace the blackfly invested borage I pulled up a couple of weeks ago, so we left them there.Next week, we need to bring a stepladder to get to the plums, weed and water and collect food!


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