Summer Dinner

Last week I celebrated living in my flat for eight years. I think this is the longest space of time I’ve lived somewhere since I moved out of home. It was a Tuesday and Ma just finished her holiday and came over to see the allotment which she had missed (I think I had delighted her enough) and collect some produce.

She stayed for dinner which started with fizz and allotment raspberries.Dinner was low on cooking and making use of the allotment produce.Grilled courgettes with feta and herbs. This is one of my standard summer meals. It’s easy, there is no shortage of courgettes, the herb varies, today it was parsley from the plot but I’ve also used basil, coriander, mint and dill. Salad leaves, because we have them and they are just lovely as they are.Potato salad. The only allotment thing in this was the dill but soon, I should be able to do this with homegrown produce. This is amazing, the recipe is from Smitten Kitchen , I omitted the onion because Ma is not keen on raw onion (although next time I will probably put the sliced onion in with the cucumber to pickle a bit which would take away some of it’s bite) and I added some wholegrain mustard to the mayo. It does require some prep but it is amazingly good.



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