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Happy Friday. Today I am working from home and have a very chilled weekend planned. Because it’s Bastille Day, I also have the French National Anthem running through my head. I love the tune but find the lyrics a bit bloodthirsty.

Here are this week’s links..

The Charlie Gard case is heartbreaking but we need to trust medical experts. When this case first went to court, I felt so sorry for Connie Yates and Chris Gard and now I still feel terrible for them but I also feel angry. Because of their behaviour this week. I get that they disagree with the doctors caring for Charlie but the way they have acted as if the hospital is out to kill Charlie. Their child isn’t going to get better, he’s never going to have the life that they wanted and he’s suffering and in pain. It is awful but it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s certainly not the fault of the NHS or Great Ormond Street or the professionals caring for him. I feel for parents in this situation because no-one wants to be in this situation but they need to listen to the doctors and do the hardest thing. Let that poor baby rest.

Fit in my 40’s. I like Zoe Williams and I know of what she speaks…

A reply to Mr Marvell from His Coy Mistress. This is silly and funny

The next election isn’t won, whatever Labour and Corbyn think. I wasn’t aware that Labour thought it was in the bag. But in less than two terms the wheels have come off for the Tories. You know Tories don’t care about the NHS and the lives they ruin, but they are at least efficient. The problem with this set is that they don’t care and can’t run a piss up in brewery. However, I love d’Anacona’s opinion pieces because he still acts like the Tories are competent, the entire mess this country is now in is down to the incompetence and hubris of the Tories. Labour in comparision, isn’t running about telling everyone how good it is while making a mess. Corbyn needs to get to grips with the right wing of the party and that means getting them onboard by explaining they need to fall in line and explaining to the left wing of the party that no-one likes an ungracious winner. They need discipline and momentum to win, but if the Tories carry on like they are doing, they might not even need that…

Steve Bannon has a painting of himself as Napoleon and Nigel Farage gave it too him. This confirms everything I every thought about the two cockwombles…..Napoleon FFS. Also and I honestly never thought I would utter the words, Napoleon had more intelligence and class than those two will ever manage….

Church’s plan to sell allotment plots. This worries me, the CofE needs to be using it’s money to build affortable housing AND promote the building of community. It really bothers me that it can’t see that both things are important. It’s the same at our site, with the local vicar writing to say how important building on our site is. I know him and I wonder if he’d feel the same if his allotment site was under threat!

Chinese umbrella-sharing start-up loses 300,000 brollies. Whoops..

Anne-Marie Morris has had the whip removed. As she should, but that phrase is not a slip of the tongue, I’d be willing to bet she uses it a lot out of the public eye and the slip is that she forgot she wasn’t in public. Elephant in the room would have expressed the same sentiment without being offensive. I don’t understand, I’m pretty old and I’ve always been taught not to say it and to understand that if black people do it then they can, but I cannot.

Why is there still so much prejudice against working-class accents? Oh, Dreda Say Mitchell, now you’re asking. It’s about how it sounds. Which is usually my problem with accents, I don’t think Angela Eagle is thick, I’m just not keen on the North-West accents whether from Liverpool or Manchester or points inbetween. I’m fine with the North-East accents, which I accept is completely arbitary. When it comes to Dreda Say Mitchell’s accent, I don’t think she’s not intelligent, but I hate the ‘oh look a working class person’ reputation she has developed for herself because she sounds like that. As if the only way to be authentic it to drop your t’s. I don’t get it, I’m a Londoner, I have a fairly standard southern London accent and I’m working class. My dad was a plumber, my mum worked in a bank, my grandad left school at 14, he and all my great aunts, who grew up in Wilesden, had pretty similar accents to me. My brother and my uncle and my cousins on my mum’s side sound like Mitchell. I don’t know why that’s the case, why my brother and I sound so different. What I do know is that people assume things about Ben that they don’t assume about me and my mum and that can limit them. Maybe she’s right and people shouldn’t make assumptions but it sounds off. In the case, of Mitchell, her accent drives me wild, it sounds like affectation, but that also could be because when I hear her on the radio, she’s usually making like her experience is all working class experience and that is just not the case. Also while I’m on the subject, I couldn’t care less if people say less instead of fewer (both are fine and less is the traditional usage!), the hill I will die on is ‘should have, could have, would have’ not ‘should of’, say it out loud, it sounds wrong.

Why Americans can’t get a raise. This is interesting. Mmm I would say that something like this is why productivity in the UK is so low.

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