Allotment Adventures: Morning Visits

I’ve had the plot for over a year and I have a shed but I still don’t know what I’m doing really. What I do know, is that during the growing season, you have to be present. Which means that last week I visited the plot every morning.

This was primarily to check if I need to water especially in the greenhouse but it’s also a really good way to start the day even if I do water my feet and legs as well as the plants. 

No a lot of work got done last week, we had planned Sunday as a work day. That plan changed because Tom popped round for coffee, which was just as lovely but in a different way. We got an hour or two on Sunday afternoon but didn’t get much done.

We watered and did a bit of weeding. We pulled up the broad beans as the black fly were having a field day and I didn’t want to risk haven’t them spread but we got half a kilo of broad beans which made Ma very happy. Next year I’m going to plant summer savoury with them which may help deter the critters but there do seem to be a lot more ants around this year than last, which I guess is because it was so dry in April and May. I also lifted the garlic and onions. Advice for the garlic is to lift it when it starts to die back and had happened. The onions all went seed and were beginning to rot so I took them up too. 

That was about it. There’s a lot to do at the weekend, I’m writing this on Tuesday and it’s been raining all day and it’s been really windy, so I’m praying to the allotment gods that the greenhouse stays upright and the plants that are outside can cope with this cold front.

Assuming that they are ok, the plan for the weekend is as follows.

  • Plant out more tomatoes, we have all the red ones and an empty bed.
  • Give the cucumbers and squash something to grow up
  • Thin the carrots.
  • Plant out the last two remaining winter squash
  • Add compost to the beds that had garlic, broad beans and onions
  • Plant out the broccoli Laura gave me and sow some cavolo nero and chard in that bed and then cover them to protect from the pigeons.
  • Sow more french beans, salad and beetroot.
  • Plant out the remaining leeks.
  • Build the arch for the squash.
  • Weed. There’s always weeding to do
  • Cut back the grass around the edges of the plot.

That’s a lot of work but there will be nice things to do too. The chives and borage will be flowering, the potatoes look really well, the raspberries have loads of fruit coming ready and if we can stop the bloody ants so do the strawberries!There are flowers on the peas which makes me happy and on the cucumbers and some of the summer squash!It’s all good, just requires some effort!

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