What I’ve Read – May 2017

This month I have been only reading the Bernard Cornwall ‘The Last Kingdom’ books. The second series just finished on BBC and will be on Netflix shortly. The Guardian where doing a great recap of the episodes and I had read the first two books but years ago and it seemed like time for a re-read.

So I read nine of them. Read one after another the story is epic and fascinating  I liked Uhtred even though he’s a hothead and gets himself into trouble because he doesn’t think. I’m going to be sad when I get to the end of the books!

The Last Kingdom – Bernard Cornwell (Kindle)

The Pale Horseman – Bernard Cornwell (Library e-book)

Lords of the North –  Bernard Cornwell (Library e-book)

Sword Song –  Bernard Cornwell (Library e-book)

The Burning Land – Bernard Cornwell (Library e-book)

The Death of Kings – Bernard Cornwell (Library e-book)

The Pagan Lord – Bernard Cornwell (Library e-book)

The Empty Throne – Bernard Cornwell (Library e-book)

Warriors of the Storm – Bernard Cornwell (Library e-book)


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