Friday Links

Happy Friday! Here are this week’s links….

The story behind the green huts in London. They aren’t that mysterious if you grew up in London. I’ve always known what they are, but this is fun anyway and as black cab drivers are an endangered species nowadays thanks to TfL and Uber, it’s worth knowing about now.

What if marriage is overrated? It’s about time…

The special interest group no party seems to care about: young people. This made me really cross for a number of reasons but mostly because this is a problem with a solution. Young people need to vote. I lknow that life for 20 somethings is not fun and the future seems bleak but the reason politics is skewed towards the Boomers, is that the Boomers vote. They read manifestos and they go to hustings and they let everyone know about what they want. The solution is in their hands, less moaning, more voting…

Outrage over McDonald’s twee ‘child grief’ advert is plain ridiculous. I haven’t seen the ad but we seem to have a growing problem with how to cope emotionally with people dying, which is why outrage like this happens. Also she’s right about this….

First – and let’s just get this out of the way – the real reason this advert is offensive is because a Filet-O-Fish is no one’s favourite. And the chances of two people in one family even ordering one once, let alone it becoming their fast-food item of choice is nil.

Could Trump go the way of Nixon? The parallels are striking but it took 900 days before Nixon resigned, a lot depends on the 2018 mid-terms..

Michael Rosen on grammar schools.

Ched Evans want to advise you how to avoid being raped. It’s beyond parody. This quote in particular, it’s disgusting.

“I also think that women need to be made aware of the dangers they can put themselves in because there are genuine rapists out there who prey on girls who have been drinking.”

The lesson he should have taken is not to have sex with a woman who is drunk or passed out….

Planned flats smaller than a Travelodge room. These are the slums of the future and they aren’t about provided homes but making money.

View at

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