Best/Worst – 17 April 2017


Sunshine. It’s been a bit colder but very sunny, it’s easier to get started in the morning when the sun is shining.

Shed. I have a shed. It makes me very happy! It’s not just the shed, it’s all the people that helped build the shed. I’m grateful for my friends..


General Election. I’m pretty despairing about the state of politics in this country and this doesn’t make it any better…

Hayfever or cold. All week, I’ve been playing the guessing game with this. I can’t leave the house without watering eyes so I am taking my anti histamine but I’m waking up all bunged up and croaky. Ma has a cold and it seems to be doing the rounds of the office so I’m worried that it’s going to be hayfever and a cold!

Minutes. As part of my job I have to minute a monthly meeting. It’s also quite long and technical. Writing the minutes can take days and involve listening to a recording of it. This week I was under the cosh and had to get them done by Thursday morning as well as trying to pack all my other work into a four day week. I got it done but it added a certain element of stress to my week!

Other honourable mentions:

Bumping into Una on the train. Una is one of Ryan’s godmothers and her family and mine used to go to the same church. Her mum and dad ran Ben’s cub pack too. So it was a nice thing.

A phone call from Ryan. Miracles happen!

Gin Texts. When your friends are at a local pub and see the gin menu and take a photo to send to you!

Sneezing in the office. I swear it’s the air conditioning (oh and the cold doing the rounds) but everyone was sneezing. Weird.

Oli scoring for his new football team on his debut!

Chelsea’s 4-2 win over Tottenham. FA Cup finals are always good to be in.

Helping Dionne on her plot. It’s looking really good

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