Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s happening, Theresa May has called an election, I’m filled with a sense of doom about this. However, every cloud has a silver lining and George Osborne resigning is mine.

It’s not a general election, it’s a coup.

Prince Harry grief revelation.  I’m not a monarchist, but I don’t personally dislike Prince Harry and good for him for getting the help he needed. However, what horrifies me, is he was 12 when his mother died and frankly, I’m cross, although unsurprised, that he was able to bury that grief. No-one from his father, to his school, to his wider family thought to talk to him about his mother or get him help, especially given his mother’s well documented mental health issues. Lower down that class scale, that’s called emotional neglect…

Why didn’t the Chinese fall for Weetabix’s charms? Weetabix was only ever just edible if covered with lots of sugar, minimal milk and if you ate it quickly and then only just.

The Easter Egg Roll and the Bygone Era of White House Openness. I thought it was interesting.

Theresa May’s snap election is cynical political game playing.

A snap poll is the shrewd thing for May to do for the fulfilment of her ambition. She needs a personal mandate and it is clever politics to grab one now. But she must not imagine there is anything more noble to it than that.

Government cap on energy prices would spark backlash. This is going to get really messy!

Pink grapefruit and campari sorbet. This is a ode to pink grapefruit and campari, the drinks list at the end is also useful.

Theresa May is not just breaking her promises, she is breaking our politics.

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