Good/Bad w/c 13 March 2017


Seedlings. The most of the cucumbers have come up, the second set of leeks are doing the growing thing, the tomatoes and patty pans have come up too. I’m waiting on the other summer squash and cucumbers and there is a long way to go until they are good to plant out but it makes me happy!Haircut. I’ve had a haircut and spent time with Jane. (its a bad picture of a good haircut!)

Allotment time. We bought compost, prepared beds, weeded and I spent time with my hands in the earth. Over winter, I didn’t realise how much I missed  it, although I’m guessing that by October, I’ll be fed up of the constant demands of the plot. Circle of life and all that….


Stomach bug or something. Monday night and Tuesday being sick and feeling ill. Not a fun happy time.

Commuting woes. It’s not been great this week. On Monday I was 40 minutes later into the office than usual, on Thursday it was 30 minutes. I usually get into work at 8.30, because I need the 30 minutes headstart that gives me on my day. I just feel rushed and out of control without it!



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