February Photos – Part Two

Not a good place to park. 16 February. Or, how I almost died on the way to work.img_5962Blue-ish Sky. 17 February. Morning photo img_5964Gold Shoes. 17 February. A different journey to work because of train failure and someone with a shiny pair of shoes because you have to cheer yourself up however you can!img_5972Favourite View. 17 February. I walked from work to Waterloo on Friday, it’s a great walk on a sunny day, even if that day is the last day of half-term. Tourists and small children everywhere but if I’m honest, I walked it for this view.img_5975How to cope. 17 February. Beefeater Tour, I have a thing about advertising and packaging and there are a couple of these.img_5980Londoner. 17 February.img_5991Old Tom. 17 February.img_5982Gin, finally. 17 February. After the tour.img_5985Red Trousers. 17 February. Men who wear trousers like this have the self belief that only a private education can give you. He didn’t know when the Battle of Waterloo was but that didn’t stop him pontificating on it, at length..img_5990Pizza. 17 February. One of twoimg_5996Herb Bed. 18 February. Soon this patch of earth will be covered with plants, for now I’m enjoying the achievement of weeding and digging it over.img_6026Allotment view. 18 February. Part of me thinks I’m just going to take a photo every time at at the plot from this angle and to track the changes.img_6010Ma headless in the raspberries. 18 February. She’s a great mother, a fabulous grandma and the best weeder I know (it’s the pointy fingers!!)img_6011Rhubarb planted. 18 February. You can’t see it yet but there is rhubarb there.img_6012Sunset18 February. Leaving the allotments as the sun went downimg_6017Blossom. 18 February. The blossom is out, it’s still early but it’s a month later than last year.img_6019Boiled Chicken. 18 February. So for a little while, I’ve been trying to make boiled chicken in the slow cooker. It’s not chicken stew and Ma used to make it a lot and serve it with rice. This is it and it tastes like I remember. Ma approved as well.img_6025Dutch Baby Pancake. 19 February. Sunday morning breakfast and a new recipe. It was good.img_6032Waiting for the train. 23 February. Much lighter in the morning than it used to be.Not my train. 23 February. ‘Doris’ day is was a bit windyRain, rain. 23 February. On the way to work the heavens openedSunset. 23 February.Blue Sky. 24 February. Friday morning and the promise of sunshineDark Cloud. 24 February. I loved how it was just over the churchBlossom. 24 February. It’s so lovely to turn the corner into my road and see the blossom.Garlic. 24 February. A trip to the allotment to check for damage.Broad Beans. 24 February. I’ve never grown them before, so while there are others doing better, I’m really proud that any are growing…Chard. 24 February. I overwintered these and they didn’t do much, but they are pretty.Friday Night Pizza. 24 FebruaryCookies for the nephews. 24 February. Baking is my love languageGrey Day. 25 FebruaryBrother and nephew 2. 25 February. Nephew number 2 loves in variable order Daddy, Mummy, food and turning around in circles and is the happiest baby I have ever come across. Football superstar. 25 February. Nephew number 1 loves playing football with DadSwinging. 25 February. Happy baby in a swingCoffee burn. 25 February. Coffee is hot, my hand, my left hand and the one I use most, is sore. Also that blister got bigger overnight!Swing with lights. 25 February. At Kings Cross, in the middle of the lights is a swing.


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