Food Prep for lazy people

I had another (the fourth in 4 months!) cold last week, which left me I was tired and snotty this weekend. It’s also the last week of the month, payday is on Friday, and there’s a lot of food hanging around so I didn’t really need to shop, which was fantastic because I didn’t have much energy for it or for food prep for the coming week.

Food prep is an important part of meal planning for me, knowing that I have the food I need for the week and that I can feed myself with the least faff possible when I’m tired and grumpy is a gift to my work week self but sometimes when I’m time or energy poor, it seems like so much effort and I just don’t want to do it.

There is a lot of freedom in being single and childfree, because the only person I have to cater to is me, if I don’t want to do it, I don’t have to. When you have partners or children, you have to get it done, whether you want to or not. Conversely, because it’s only me, it’s easy to skip and think that it’s not important, but it is important to keep me on budget, to make sure I eat well and as part of self care. I am important, what I use as fuel is important. Which is a long winded way of saying that I did basic food prep this week, which took about 30 minutes of hands on time across an afternoon.img_5438I made a batch of bolognaise and cooked more pasta than I needed. That was dinner on Sunday night and 4 portions of pasta and sauce for lunches this week, I also sorted out breakfasts by straining some yoghurt and turning the last of the rhubarb into compote.  So breakfast will be yoghurt, compote and granola.DSCF4671Lunches will be pasta and sauce (except on Wednesday when we have a team lunch), dinners will be easy, my favourite spinach and chickpea dinner, dahl and flatbread with extra vegetables, a vegetable stir fry.DSCF3039 I’m out on Friday but by that point I will have an empty fridge because I made an effort, not much of one, but an effort anyway. Menu planning doesn’t have to be a big deal or major effort, some weeks it’s good to put that work in but other weeks, just do as much as you can, make sure that you have breakfast planned or lunch, it really makes a difference to your day.


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