Friday Links

Happy Friday! Today is also Friday 13th for the superstitious among you, and my parents wedding anniversary, you know if my dad was alive and my parents (ok my mum) hadn’t called it quits after 20 long suffering years…

Here are this week’s links…

London breaches annual air pollution limit for 2017 in five days. This is why I don’t want to walk home from work anymore (and also why I have asthma!)

The things you can learn from books

The NHS is in crisis and while I don’t want to add to the ‘all politicians are liars’ mindset, I believe the doctors on the ground rather than Jeremy Hunt.

Ex Mexican President Fox Trolls Trump on Twitter: “Are You a Legitimate President?. He’s only saying what we’ll all thinking…

David Squires on Millwall and the New Den’s uncertain future. So right about Danny Baker and a bottle of red..

Donald Trump is lost, wandering in a labyrinth of lies and trying to drag the country in with him

Here’s what section 40 would do to the British press – and it’s not good I’m not sure what I think about Section 40. Here is the other side of the argument, Section 40 will curb media abuses and protect the press from litigious oligarchs. Generally, I think that Impress and Ipso aren’t strong enough against the likes of Murdoch and the Daily Mail and I recognise that Section 40 is designed to help protect people who are libeled by the tabloids and can’t afford libel action but at the same time I don’t believe the arbitration rules are good enough to protect papers like the Guardian from the likes of Murdoch, so it’s a conundrum and I’m not sure this is the answer. I guess the answer would be to have a press system full of honourable people but I think we have to accept that age is long dead (if it ever existed!!)

 One blunt heckler has revealed just how much the UK economy is failing us

Day job stuff. The Year Coal Collapsed: 2016 Was A Turning Point For Britain’s Electricity

How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime

Lego Green Gables.

When you’re the only one who shows up to church

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